Monday, September 5

Happy Thoughts

I recently stumbled on this website called that had a page dedicated to "A Soldier's Best Friend." It contained a bunch of photos of soldiers through the ages of war with cats and kittens. It brightened my day, so now I'm sharing it with you in hopes that it will brighten yours. Enjoy!

Here's the link

♡, A

Monday, August 22

Satisfy Those Pesky Cravings

Lately I've been on this foodie kick, constantly trying to figure out what my body needs and how to cook meals that are healthy as well as substantial. Salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner just doesn't cut it for me. I like to feel full but not completely overstuffed with those four or so oatmeal raisin cookies that I so did not need.

I recently came across this site and fell in LOVE. I get a lot of cravings (as I am female) and this site has been helping me curb them by telling me exactly what my body needs when it's telling me it wants something else entirely. Who knew that when I'm craving fatty foods that I really need more Calcium. Goodbye Cravings, Hello Healthy Lifestyle.

Click HERE to check out the site!

Sunday, August 14

Detox Smoothie Treats

It's August, which means that the full heat of an LA summer will soon be upon us. Aside for blasting the glorious AC, another great way to beat the heat and stay bathing suit ready is with an ice cold detox smoothie. Though they may sound intimidating or even scary, I promise they don't taste like your Trader Joe's multivitamin or one of those wheatgrass shots from Jamba Juice. Since you blend them up yourself, you can always tweak the ingredients just so to suit your taste buds. I usually add nearly twice as much fruit as they call for to fuel my sweet tooth.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from the site:

Click here to check it out

♡, A

Tuesday, July 19

The Taste of Summer

To me, Summer is the sting of a sunburn, the gritty bite of a sandy sandwich, the smell of Coppertone, and that hint of salt in everything you eat. This past weekend we went to Capistrano to soak up some much needed Vitamin D, and of course my beast camera came with me. I climbed the sandy dunes of San Clemente State Beach and snapped some shots that scream Summer.

♡, A

Thursday, July 14

Free Music Anyone?

I, like nearly every young person of my generation, do not like paying for music. Don't get me wrong, I love to support artists by going to their shows and buying a bunch of merch, but with free downloads so accessible to the public, it makes it more and more difficult to want to buy music from iTunes or Amazon. I decided a few months ago to meet these two sides of the music industry in the middle, and legally download music for free.

SPIN magazine offers a monthly 14-15 song download for free, which I love because I usually discover new bands that I become obsessed with that way.
Here's the url so that you can check it out yourself:

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Wednesday, July 6

Fireworks & Flowers

I decided to do Fourth of July a little bit differently this year. We did the typical picnic and firework display at the highschool, but this year I changed it up a bit and set my camera on my stomach with a slow shutter speed of about 15 seconds, and let the magic commence. Turns out fireworks are more like flowers than I thought.

America celebrates independence from Britain the right way: with explosives from China.
♡, A